The Office of International Cooperation and Foreign Students provides statistics about the international students and scholar population at the Bucharest University of Economics. This information is publicly available.

Raport/Stat NameDate AddedView
deplasari internationale_prof.univ.dr. Constantin Marius Profiroiu_2019 December 2019
Staff mobility statistics_November 2019 November 2019
deplasari internationale_prof.univ.dr. Constantin Marius Profiroiu_2018 December 2018
Staff mobility statistics_2018 December 2018
Staff mobility statistics_2017 December 2017
deplasari internationale_prof.univ.dr. Constantin Marius Profiroiu_2017 December, 2017
Statistics on agreements – framework agreements at university level 30.03.2017
Statistic on enrolled foreign students, academic year 2016-2017 30.03.2017
Staff mobility statistics at faculty level_21_December_2016 December, 2016
International mobilitiy_prof.univ.dr. Constantin Marius Profiroiu-2016 December, 2016
Staff mobility statistics at faculty level_15 October 2016 October 20, 2016
Report on university internationalization - reference period 06.03.2016-30.06.2016 04.07.2016