…A student participating to a mobility programme:

Students moving in the framework of a mobility programme or a bilateral agreement will remain registered at their own institutions while they are in Bucharest. Based on the bilateral agreements signed between ASE and the home university, they are exempt of tuition fees in ASE.

As exchange students they will be subjected to the same rules and enjoy the same benefits as the local students. They may attend one or several courses from one or more faculties according to the individual programs and sit the respective exams.

For further information and application documents, please consult the section Incoming mobility

…A degree-seeking student from an EU & EEA member state or the Swiss Confederation:

Citizens from the European Union member states, EEA countries and the Swiss Confederation have the right to enroll to study in Romania under the same conditions as Romanian citizens.

The application and admission process take place in July every year. For further details and calendar, please consult the admission website:

The study documents must be recognized by the National Centre for Degree Assessment and Academic Recognition (CNRED). For further information on the procedure and documents required please consult the CNRED website:

Application documents:

  • Graduation Diploma or equivalent and transcript of Records – original documents and authenticated translations to Romanian. The graduation diploma will be accompanied by the equivalence certificate delivered by the CNRED;
  • Birth certificate – authenticated translation to Romanian;
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable) – authenticated translation to Romanian;
  • Identity card/passport copy;
  • Medical certificate;
  • 2 photos (3/4);
  • Voucher(s) representing the registration fee;
  • The applications will be registered with the ASE Department for International Relations.

For further information and specific application procedures, please consult the section Degree programs

…A degree-seeking student from an non-EU state:

The Application File should be sent to our University at the earliest convenience (applications received between mid-April and mid-September every year).

Application Files:

  • Application form;
  • Graduation Diploma and transcript of records - endorsed by the Romanian Embassy in the country of origin or with the Hague Apostille and certified translation to Romanian;
  • Birth certificate - certified translation to Romanian;
  • Passport copy;
  • Medical certificate stating that the applicant is fit for university studies;
  • All Files - translation into Romanian;

An acceptance letter will be issued by the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research. This letter allows the applicant to apply for the study visa from the Romanian Embassy in his/her country.

The applications are registered with the ASE Department for International Relations – the Office for international cooperation and foreign students.

The tuition fees for the current academic year is established as follows:

  • Bachelor’s studies: 250 Euros/month (2250 Euros/year)
  • Master’s studies: 300 Euros/month (2700 Euros/year)
  • In order to receive the Romanian visa, you will be required to pay the fee indicated in the acceptance letter issued by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research.
  • In order to confirm your place, please send us a proof of payment of the tuition fee within three weeks from the receipt of the acceptance letter.
  • All Files - translation into Romanian;

For further information and specific application procedures, please consult the section Degree programs.