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More chances to employment - European studies show that Erasmus students have the skills sought by employers: adaptability to new environments, flexibility, networking capacity in different cultural environments, advanced language skills.

Recognition of Studies - Since launching the program in 1987, over 3,000,000 students have benefited from Erasmus experience. Erasmus gives you full recognition of studies of mobility as an integral part of the home university diploma.

Adventure - You have a chance to study a semester or a year at one of over 130 partner universities in 23 European countries. It will definitely be an adventure both professionally and personally!

What gives you Erasmus Programme?

Student Life - Learn what it means to be a student in another European country. You will find that there are similar things to your experience from ASE, but also many differences that will surprise you. Mobility experience will give you a new perspective on your studies and offer you the opportunity to experience other styles of teaching and learning.

Independence - The experience of studying and living in another country will be a challenge: you have to deal with new and unfamiliar situations , to manage your time and budget, to learn to adapt to a new culture.

Knowledge - Stay in a foreign country will give you an entirely different perspective than the one you acquire as a tourist. You will discover and understand the way of life of the host country and learn to communicate with people from different cultures.

Achievement - Experience mobility is not always easy, but once you overcome the initial difficulties, you will discover that in addition to studies, you can travel, have fun, meet many interesting people and to grow as a person.

Erasmus + Mobility for learning

There are fields of privileged study?

No - The Erasmus program covers all fields of study. Even if your college has not a cooperation agreement with certain university, you can candidate for the seats in that competition if the destination university is compatible with your studies programs in the country.

When I can benefit from mobility?

You can go in mobility after graduating least 2 semesters of university studies. You can even apply in the first year after the end of the winter session mobility and benefit from the first semester of the second year of undergraduate studies.

How long lasts the mobility?

The minimum duration is 2 months for internships or 3 months to study mobility. You can benefit from 12 months of mobility in a university course or within one academic year or cumulate several periods of mobility.

I will have arrears / other examinations of sustained to return?

No - If you promote all mobility exams, according to the study contract which you conclude at the beginning of mobility, you will be fully recognized as part of the ASE studies. If cumulate points credit mobility are not enough (30 ECTS - semester 60 ECTS / year) you can take exams in the review session at ASE.

Your current studies and Erasmus

I can support the graduation exam at the host university?

No - Unless there are double degree agreement between universities, the graduation exams take place exclusively at the home university (ASE). Studies abroad are recognized as part of the qualification obtained in Romania, but not completed at the host university diploma.

Can I choose any university of destination?

Yes – Exclusive from the list of partner universities of ASE. Erasmus mobility based on bilateral cooperation agreements between institutions holding Chart Erasmus European Union and associated countries.

I do not know very well where I study foreign language, how can I prepare for mobility?

In the Erasmus Programme + online there is a module for language support during the mobility for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. We recommend attendance optional language , culture and civilization existing ASE.

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Erasmus Study Opportunities

With a tradition of over 100 years, the Bucharest University of Economics Studies has awarded over 300 000 bachelor, master and PhD graduates. With 22 faculties, our University registers over 22 000 students during the 2015 / 2016 academic year.

The studies at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies are organized according to the following system:

  • - Bachelor degree in economics (3 years, 6 semesters – 180 ECTS);
  • - Master degree (2 years, 4 semesters – 120 ECTS);
  • - PhD degree (3 years, 180 ECTS).

The academic year lasts 10 months and the classes are organized in 14 weeks-long semesters (with an average workload of 30 ECTS/semester and 60 ECTS/year). Classes start on October 1st.

  • - Winter semester lasts from October until the end of January;
  • - Summer semester starts mid-February and ends in early June.

There are two regular exam sessions:

  • - Winter semester exam session: February;
  • - Summer semester exam session: June.

There is also a revaluation session in June-July for the students who missed or failed exams during the regular session.

Classes are organized in two types of activities:

  • - lectures: classes held in large classrooms (80-100 students), usually as exposés of the teacher;
  • - seminars (tutorials): classes with a smaller group of students (15-20 students) carried out in order to apply theoretical knowledge learned during the lectures: case studies, text analysis, debates, applications, simulations.

There are 24-26 hours/week for the bachelor studies and 15-18 hours/week for the master programs. According to each professor’s requirements, students may be requested to carry out individual study:

  • - library study;
  • - projects;
  • - research papers;
  • - applications;
  • - case studies etc.

The classes are 90 minutes long and take place from Monday to Friday and sometimes Saturday, from 7:30 until 21:00. For the master courses, it is possible to have classes during the week-end.

The official language of instruction is Romanian, but there are special programs, where all the subjects are taught in foreign languages: English, French or German.

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Prezentare mobilitati de studii Erasmus (februarie 2019)

Overwiew of the Erasmus+ studies mobilities (February 2019)

View:Prezentare mobilitati de studii Erasmus (februarie 2019)

Regulament privind mobilitatile studentesti in cadrul Programului Erasmus si al programelor asimilate


View:Regulament privind mobilitatile studentesti in cadrul Programului Erasmus si al programelor asimilate

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020

The Erasmus Charter represents the commitment of our university to respect and promote the values of the Erasmus+ Programme.

View:Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020

Erasmus Policy Statement 2014-2020


View:Erasmus Policy Statement 2014-2020

Calendarul selectiei pentru mobilitati de studii in anul universitar 2019-2020

Selection calendar for studies mobilities during the academic year 2019-2020

View:Calendarul selectiei pentru mobilitati de studii in anul universitar 2019-2020

Oferta de mobilitati de studii 2019-2020

Studies mobility offer for the academic year 2019-2020

View:Oferta de mobilitati de studii 2019-2020



NameDate AddedView
Lista candidatilor admisi - Mobilitati Erasmus in anul 2019/2020 05.04.2019
Rezultate etapa de redistribuire II - mobilitati in semestrul II 13.09.2019
Lista candidatilor respinsi - Mobilitati Erasmus in anul 2019/2020 05.04.2019
Lista candidatilor aflati in asteptare - Mobilitati Erasmus in anul 2019/2020 05.04.2019

Erasmus Student Guide - Study Mobilities

Studying at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) means combining the intellectual challenge of a comprehensive academic curriculum with Bucharest’s exciting environment.

ASE is one of the largest Romanian universities and the largest economic university in South-Eastern Europe. Bucharest is the capital city of Romania, a popular cultural, academic and economic center. Life in Bucharest is intellectually stimulating and the Bucharest University of Economic Studies is an excellent choice if you wish to be a part of this life while completing a high-quality international study program.

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CEEPUS Program


Useful Documents

Dupa finalizarea mobilitatii / After mobility

Grila de echivalare a notelor / Equivalent grade scales

Pregatirea mobilitatii / Preparing your mobility

Ghidul Studentului Erasmus