Living Expenses

In order to finance your studies in Romania by scholarships, we recommend you contact the competent authorities in your home country/university. For scholarships attributed by the Romanian Government, please consult the web-site of the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research (

The official Romanian currency is the “Leu” (plural “Lei”) and the official denomination is Romanian New Leu (RON - Romanian New Leu). All the payments are made in the national currency, even if some prices are expressed in the equivalent in Euro. The exchange rate is floating (there might be slight variations in the exchange rate); the official exchange rate is determined by the National Bank of Romania (rates available on In order to exchange money, one may use banking services (ATM or bank exchange offices) or the exchange offices in town.

Sample monthly budget:

Rent 100 - 250 Euro
Food 200 Euro
Transportation 20 Euro
Study materials 30 Euro
Free time expenses 100 Euro
Total 450 - 600 Euro

Sample basic prices (equivalent in Euro):

Lunch at students’ restaurant 3 Euro
Lunch in a fast food restaurant 7 Euro
Launch in a restaurant starting from 10 Euro
Loaf of bread 0.2 Euro
Sandwich 1-2.5 Euro
1.5 liter of mineral water 0.5 Euro
One night of hotel accommodation starting from 65 Euro
Bus ticket 0.35 Euro
Cab services 0.4 Euro/Km
Cinema ticket (50% student deduction) starting from 3 Euro
Copy services 0,1 Euro/Page