Your life as a student at ASE Bucharest begins with international student orientation.

We recommend you to arrive at least a few days before the beginning of the academic year (approximately October 1st every year) in order for you to get your paperwork in order and register for classes. There will also be fun activities that will help you get to know other new international students and start to feel at home at ASE (organized with the help of our partners from the Erasmus Students Network – ESN ASE Bucharest).

Erasmus Students Network is Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is the largest student association in Europe. Created in 1989 for supporting and developing student exchange, they are currently present in more than 800 higher education institutions from 39 countries. The ESN volunteers can help you get around the city and campus, offering services such as airport / train station pick-up, campus tour, buddy programme.

They will also organize different events helping you better integrate the ASE community and know other international students: city tours, parties, cultural evenings, parties, trips etc.



It is extremely important that you plan your orientation activities and make sure we can accommodate all of the students who will be attending the program.

In order to benefit from the services of the ESN ASE Bucharest you should register with them. For further details on the activities organized by the ESN and contact details, please visit their website: or Facebook page: ESN-ASE-Bucharest .



We will need a number of documents to facilitate the orientation process. Please bring the following items to orientation:

Exchange students
The certificate of arrival - filled in with your data
Any other documents required by your home university

Degree-seeking students (non EU, EEA, Swiss citizens)
Original application documents:

  • the diploma allowing access to the level of studies you apply for: in case of the Bachelor’s students - Baccalaureate diploma or it’s equivalent, in case of the Master’s students – Baccalaureate diploma and Bachelor’s diploma or their equivalents (copy of the original document and two legal translations in Romanian language);
  • the transcript of records corresponding to the previous studies (Highschool / Bachelor’s) - copy of the original document and two legal translations in Romanian language;
  • the birth certificate - copy of the original document and a legal translation in Romanian language;
  • a copy of your passport (ID page & entrance visa);
  • a medical certificate stating that you don’t suffer from contagious diseases or illness incompatible with your future profession – established in an international language or a legal translation in Romanian;
  • the registration fee receipt (250 Euros for the Bachelor’s students, 300 Euros for the Master’s students).
  • All Files - translation into Romanian

The registration will be provisional, until the end of the admission process: study documents check, language test and confirmation of payment of the tuition fee for the entire academic year. This provisional registration gives you the right to attend classes and use the university facilities until the admission process is completed.

The language test is compulsory for all the applicants who don’t have an international certification or aren’t native speakers of the language of study (Romanian, English, French or German). The registration for the language test or the equivalence of the test will be done with the general registration. The test will be scheduled during the 3rd week of October.

For the students who satisfy all the admission criteria, the final registration will be complete and they will integrate the regular cohort of students of the faculty.