Accredited by the Ministry of National Education in Romania as an Institution that organises Doctoral Studies (hereinafter ASE – IODS), Bucharest University of Economic Studies provides doctoral studies on a full-time or part-time basis, financed through public funding or tuition fees, according to current provisions.

Admission to Doctoral Studies in ASE – IODS is open to Master’s graduates or holders of an equivalent diploma, issued in Romania or abroad, irrespective of the year of graduation.

Citizens of the European Union, the Economic European Area and the Swiss Confederation have access to doctoral studies in accordance with the same normative provisions valid for Romanian citizens, including admission and tuition fees.

Recognition of the certificates regarding the studies undertaken in countries other than Romania, including those of citizens of European Union countries, of the European Economic Area, and the Swiss Confederation, falls under the competency of the specific department within the Ministry of Education – The National Centre for Recognition and Equivalence of Diplomas (CNRED) and is performed according to ORDER no. 6121 of 20th December 2016 regarding the Methodology for the recognition of documents at Bachelor’s, Master’s and postgraduate level issued by the accredited overseas higher education institution.

The candidates who have already benefited from doctoral studies fully or partially financed from public funding have the obligation to declare it upon enrolment. A successful candidate may get public funding for the whole duration of doctoral studies only once.

The number of seats for each Doctoral School, based on public funding or on tuition fee, for the 2024-2025 academic year, will be published in accordance with the number of seats approved by the relevant Ministry (The Ministry of Education).

The Doctoral School Board suggests membership of the Admission Committee (composed of 3-5 members), that usually includes the PhD supervisors who offer vacant seats for the admission competition to be approved by the Faculty Board and ASE’s Board of Trustees.

The organization and conduct of the admission competition fall under the competency of the Central Admission Committee of CDS and of the Admission Committees of the doctoral schools.

Doctoral candidates may select one research topic only, proposed for admission by a single supervisor.

Only candidates meeting the language skills requirements are accepted for doctoral studies. A candidate meets the language ability standards upon one of the following four conditions:

  • He/she has obtained an internationally recognized language certificate as an independent user (B2) or as a proficient user (C1, C2) (Annex 3 – The language certificates recognized by ASE);

  • He/she has got any other language certificate that is equated by the Board of the Department for Modern Languages and Business Communication within ASE;

  • He/she has attended a full Bachelor’s or Master’s programme in English, French or German. The proof of having completed these studies needs to be written on the Bachelor’s and Master diplomas and their supplements;

  • He/she has PASSED the language skills test taken at ASE-IODS.

Foreign citizens who compete for doctoral programmes run in Romanian must provide a language certificate for the Romanian language, issued by an institution accredited by the Relevant Ministry.

Scholarships are approved solely by Ministry of Education, in accordance with the Order regarding the approval of the Methodology for admission to studies and tuition of foreign citizens on public funding seats, with scholarship, in accredited higher education institutions no. 3775/16.05.2016.

Registration for doctoral studies is made on the basis of approval from the Ministry of Education, and will take place according to the calendars for the July 2024 and September 2024 sessions, as well as for the special November 2024 session.

Registration is made on-line.

Upon completion of the admission process, the signing of the doctoral studies contract, and the registration for the 2024-2025 academic year as a first-year student, the successful candidate becomes a PhD student for the whole duration of the doctoral programme. For interruption periods, the status of PhD student is suspended.

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