The Bucharest University of Economic Studies Students Union (USASE) is first of all a student organization whose main goal is to represent the interests of its members. It plays an important role in student development and growth, both personally and professionally.

USASE is fully focused on the Bucharest University of Economic Studies’ students, since it has a double role. First of all, by its statutory definition, it is managed by the Students Senate, which exerts its attributes in relation to student life. The second focus is on volunteering and designing projects that respond to the specific needs of ASE students. The fundamental values the organization has been built upon since its establishment in 2012 are integrity, professionalism, passion, transparency and teamwork. Besides the managerial team, USASE has two cathegories of members. The first group consists of the passive members – group leaders and cohort representatives of all 11 ASE faculties belong to this group. Their volunteering duty is mainly focused on representing their collegues, without necessarily getting involved in USASE’s projects. The second category is the active members group who, by all means, deserve to be called USASE volunteers. They work together with their coordinator towards achieving USASE’s goals.

Bucharest Summer University

The Bucharest Summer University is the official summer school of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies organised annually by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies Students’ Union (USASE) and the ASE Students’ Senate, with the academic mentorship of one of the eleven faculties from our university. The Summer school offers the perfect opportunity to discover Romania, to encounter people from all over the world and to learn a great deal of relevant information!