Lunch in one of the canteens of ASE

In terms of food you can have lunch in one of the canteens of ASE. One is located in the Moxa Complex (Mihail Moxa str. 11) and the other one near Piața Romană (Cihoschi str. 5). The canteens provide fresh, varied three-course menus throughout the academic year.

 The Moxa canteen has special prices for students and you can take a full meal with around 10 -15 lei. You might be required to prove you are a student (by presenting your student card). Usually the dishes are prepared on the same day and you can check for the weekly menu on the following web page:

The Cihoschi canteen is open from Monday to Friday, between 13:00 and 15:00. A complete meal (2 dishes and a desert) would cost approximatelly 10-15 lei.