Housing – Bucharest University of Economics Studies

The university offers housing all around Bucharest – near the city’s northern lakes and parks, as well as in central locations, right in the heart of Bucharest.

All student facilities come with specially designed sports facilities and study rooms, meeting all student life needs. The 12 student residence halls comprise of more than 4300 living arrangements, fully equipped and offering good standards of living at student prices. Room occupancy is 2 to 4 people, depending on the residence type. Depending on the type of room, facilities and the financing of your studies, accommodation on campus could cost between 200 and 300 lei per month.

STUDENT ACCOMMODATION SERVICE – Frumoasa Street 31, room 13 (ground floor) E-mail: contact@cazare.ase.ro

Housing is guaranteed for students coming on scholarship and exchange programs and the application process is carried out through the Department for International Relations in cooperation with ASE’s Social Service, that manages the residencies.

Ask for a place on campus! In order to benefit from accommodation, you need to submit the following documents at the Department for International Relations:

  • Accommodation Form

  • Identity card/passport copy

  • Student’s Academic Record (from the Secretary’s Office)

On completion of this phase, the department will confirm your status and it will send a list with all the students requesting for accommodation at the Students Accommodation Service. If you are late, but still before the academic year starts, you can ask for a place in Vitan campus.

In case you choose private accommodation, the university does not take any responsibility for finding private accommodation for the students. Rents can reach 200-400 Euro/month for a one-room apartment and 300-500 Euro/month for a two-room apartment. The rent does not include utilities or other facilities like cable TV or internet access.