• Our University’s position in the most recent Webcometrics– Ranking Web of Universities, January 2022: ASE is ranking fourth place in Romania (out of 98 institutions), 518 in Europe (out of 5737 institutions) and 1317 position worldwide (out of 31000 institutions)

  • Our University’s position in the most recent Webometrics – Ranking Web of Universities: ASE is ranking Fifth place in Romania (out of 99 assesed institutions) and 1375 position worldwide (out of 12000 Universities).

  • SCIMAGO Institutions Rankings places ASE on honourable positions in their ranking assessing universities from 2010 until now (2021).

  • ASE was also present in the last 10 years in the University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP), which is oriented towards academic performance.

  • WEBOMETRICS includes ASE in the Ranking Web of Universities, it is a Ranking of Universities, which uses both webometric and bibliometric indicators for assessing the academic performances.

  • ASE’s position has improved in the last years, from the 7th place in Romania in January 2019 to the 4th place at national level in January 2021.

  • U-MULTIRANK – 2019 – Bucharest University of Economic Studies occupies honourable positions

  • U-MULTIRANK – 2014 – Bucharest University of Economic Studies leader in the field of business studies at national level