Admission Methodolgy for EU, EEA, Swiss Confederation Citizens and UK

Candidates who graduated high-school or a bachelor/master study programme in a European country, other than Romania, must have their study documents recognized and validated by the Romanian National Centre for the Recognition and Validation of Diplomas (CNRED), department of the Romanian Ministry of Education, as stipulated by the National Law 316/ 12.07.2006.

The procedure for the validation and recognition of diplomas must be conducted by the candidate, who needs to submit the necessary files directly to the Ministry of Education.

After the receipt of the recognition/equivalence certificate, the applicant shall proceed to the registration and admission procedure, in accordance with the ASE’s admission methodology

Foreign citizens from the European Union member states, EEA countries and the Swiss Confederation have the right to enroll to study in Romania under the same conditions as Romanian citizens.

Refugees and political asylum beneficiaries who benefit from any form of protection in Romania shall be accepted for studies according to the following principles and regulations:

  • Law no. 122/2006, regarding asylum in Romania, where article 20, paragraph (1) letter h stipulated that “The recognition of the statute of refugee or the provision of protection grants the beneficiary the following rights: access to all forms of education, under the conditions stated by law for Romanian citizens”.
  • Ordinance no. 44/2004, version updated on 12/06/2007, regarding the social inclusion of foreigners who obtain some form of protection or the right of residence in Romania, as well as citizens in European Union countries, countries in the European Economic Area, where Section 3, Art. 9 stipulated that “Access of foreigners who obtain some form of protection in Romania for all forms of education is made under the conditions set by law for Romanian citizens”.

Refugees and beneficiaries of political asylum who obtain some form of protection in Romania shall apply for studies during the admission periods stated for Romanian citizens, provided a Certificate / Attestation for the recognition and equivalence of studies graduated abroad is obtained from the National Centre for the Recognition and Equivalence of Diplomas (C.N.R.E.D.).

For the full-time studies, there are places funded from the state budget (no tuition fees charged) and places that require a tuition fee. For the distance learning and part-time programs only tuition fee places are available. The study programs – full/time, part-time and distance learning – are organized by faculties.

The admission process is open for high school graduates having a baccalaureate diploma or equivalent, regardless of the year of graduation, provided the high school is accredited according to the legal provisions.

The status of budgeted/fee paying student is updated after the 1st semester of studies in the 1st year and at the end of each year of studies. The students will be ranked according to their academic performance.

The organisation of the study groups does not take into account the status of the student (budgeted or fee paying).

The scholarships, aids and other facilities are available in conformity with legal provisions. ASE provides admitted applicants with accommodation on campus depending on their academic performance.

The applicants who have previously benefited from the state budget financing for bachelor’s studies may benefit of a budgeted place at ASE only for the remaining period of studies out of the regular three years. The students who want to be considered for a budgeted place by redistribution will have to register their original baccalaureate diploma/equivalent at the faculty by the end of the 1st semester of the 1st academic year.

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