Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE)

Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE), founded in 1913, is one of the largest universities in Romania and the only one specializing entirely in Economics and Business., being ranked as a top university in Romania. Our university is ranked 601-800 in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021 (and second time in a row on the first position in Romania) and 301-350 in the QS Ranking 2017 in Economics & Econometrics. ASE is also the best positioned Romanian university in Shanghai’s Ranking ARWU 2019 being ranked 201 300 in Economic & Business Administration and 401-500 in Management. Comprising 13 faculties and 23 centres for research on economic and social topics, it offers undergraduate and graduate programs, doctorates in Economics, Business, Law and interdisciplinary fields, and post-doctoral programs to more than 23.000 students. Our university aims to improve constantly the educational and research environment for its students, academic staff & researchers, correlated with higher involvement in the community, under the development of the European Higher Education Area.

ASE is committed to enhancing the knowledge economy, valorising more European citizenship, increasing employability and cross-border mobility. Within the triangle education-research-innovation, ASE aims at covering a wide range of subjects, with the main focus on maintaining an active position in the policy-making process in Romania, by providing decision makers with up-to-date research on issues regarding current issues of interest to the community. ASE continuously improves and develops its curricula in an effort to increase the quality and relevance of its educational offer. The Internationalisation Strategy of ASE for 2016-2027 highlights the fact that the consolidation of the international dimension is meant to guide ASE towards excellence, not only in teaching and research, but also, in creating a professional environment which allows for capitalization on the whole potential of human resources. Within this approach, ASE has built its internationalisation strategy on the following assumed academic values: Decisional transparency and academic freedom, Quality assurance of the educational act and International and intercultural openness. The above-mentioned strategy established 4 priority areas of strategic planning in the field of internationalisation, with a strong focus on Internationalisation of the curriculum, increasing the number of international students and of foreign professors teaching at ASE, increasing the European and international mobility of ASE students and academics, developing international partnerships and Increasing international scientific cooperation and the international visibility of ASE research results.

Cooperation with relevant stakeholders is another key pillar of ASE evolution: ASE has sought to consolidate and conclude strategic agreements with the economic and social environment alongside the following main directions: offering study programs adapted to the current needs and perspective of companies, offering annual internships and other career development programs for students, conducting applied research projects and implementing results, organizing joint business events. During the last four years, ASE established long term partnerships with OMV, Deloitte, PWC, Google, Oracle, ERSTE, Microsoft, EY, companies that have invested over 600.000 Euro in developing ASE infrastructure and delivering joint educational and applied research projects.

With more than 900 academic staff of which 10% being international, our University offers:

– 25 Bachelor’s programs, out of which 8 are taught through the medium of English (Business Administration; Management; Marketing; Finance and Banking; Accounting and Management Information Systems; Economic Informatics; Business Administration in Trade, Tourism, Services and Quality Management; International Economics and Business), 1 in French (Business Administration) and 1 in German (Business Administration);

– 73 Master’s programs (4 MSc. and 69 MA), out of which 14 are taught in English, 1 in French and 1 in German;

– 2 International MBA programs, with dual degrees, accredited internationally and taught through the medium of English (Romanian-Canadian MBA and Romanian-French MBA);

– 1 postgraduate diploma program – Strategic Hospitality Management;

– 10 doctoral programs, available also in English, French or German: Accounting; Business administration; Business law; Cybernetics and Statistics; Economics; International business and economics; Finance; Economic informatics; Management; Marketing.

Our university welcomes each year over 800 degree-seeking foreign students that represents 3,5% of annual student cohorts.

The university provides services for the international students such as: orientation and integration (in cooperation with the students’ associations), accommodation in student residence halls owned by the university, university restaurants, free internet access on campus, computer rooms, library, university book shop, sports facilities, medical services, career guidance, language courses (11 languages, including Romanian as a foreign language), cultural and social activities.

Organisation of Studies

ASE has fully implemented the Bachelor-Master-PhD structure recommended in the Bologna Declaration.

Bachelor’s Programmes

These study programmes are 3 years long (6 semesters) and are assigned 180 ECTS. For admission, applicants must hold a Baccalaureate Diploma or an equivalent, such as a high school degree that allows for the continuation of studies within a higher education institution.

Master’s Programmes

Master’s programmes are 2 years long (4 semesters) and are assigned 120 ECTS. For admission, applicants must hold a Bachelor’s Diploma or an equivalent. The programmes can be focused on research or on developing specialized professional competences .

The academic offer includes 3 international prestigious educational programs, organized in cooperation with top-notch Universities from France, Canada and Switzerland.

Doctoral school

ASE promotes PhD study relating to main areas served within each faculty by research centres. PhD studies are usually 3 years long and are available to holders of Master’s degrees.


Faculty of Administration and Public Management


Faculty of Administration and Public Management

The faculty’s mission is to train specialists in public affairs for both Romania and EU, while leading on scientific research in the field.

We aim to develop personalities and human characters, in accordance with the humanist ideals and standards of qualitative training of professional skills competitive in social sciences as well.

The values we rely on in carrying out FAPM’s activities are: continuity, professionalism, responsibility, sense of solidarity, creativity, transparency in educational activities for all members of the faculty, performance, reliability, quality and ethics in the educational process.

Faculty of Accounting and Management Information Systems


Faculty of Accounting and Management Information Systems

Our mission is to further educational and research excellence in the field of accounting and management information systems. Our faculty continues to rank as a national leader and as a top school in the accounting field in European rankings (U-Multirank).

Bachelor programmes provide graduates 8 exemptions from the ACCA curriculum and 4 exemptions for the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting.

Faculty of Agrifood and Environmental Economics


Faculty of Agrifood and Environmental Economics

Faculty of Agrifood and Environmental Economics (EAM) offers undergraduate, master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral degree programmes which aim to prepare specialists in the specific field of agrifood and environmental economics and knowledge development in economics in the context of European integration and sustainability. The faculty offers opportunities for acquiring transversal knowledge, the development of analytical skills, managerial and entrepreneurial skills in order to develop sustainable economic activities.

Faculty of Business Administration in foreign languages


Faculty of Business Administration in foreign languages

The mission of the Faculty of Business Administration in Foreign Languages is to shape the excellence in business administration education services with a view to meeting the requirements of both academic and labor market needs.

The faculty relies on a valuable, enthusiastic, dynamic, motivated teaching staff which is strongly connected to research and education networks of the most important universities of the world.

Faculty of Business and Tourism


Faculty of Business and Tourism

The Faculty’s mission is to provide quality education in business administration in tourism, services, commodities science and quality management.

The scientific academic community of the faculty has a special role as it is subject to continuous challenges of deep socio-economic changes at national, regional and international levels. Positioned at the interface of economic theory and practice, it has proved its ability to solve problems at high levels of quality.

Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics


Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics

The Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics represents as its curriculum demonstrated, a faculty with a great opening to the values ​​and standards of European higher education, providing to its graduates multiple opportunities for professional affirmation. The Faculty main objective is to combine the field of computer science with the methods and techniques of systems, theory, mathematics modeling, simulation and statistical analysis in all economic environment.

Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banks and Stock Exchange


Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banks and Stock Exchange

Given that the financial market is constantly the subject of changes and increasingly more countless pressures, the academic training in this field has to prove the same dynamics, in order to make sure that our graduates will successfully face the challenges imposed  by the practical activity. Public finance, banking, capital markets and insurance fields claim specialists with a thorough knowledge and understanding, which can be provided by graduating the Bachelor’s program of the Faculty of Finance and Banking. Our strong belief is that our graduates will successfully integrate in the labor market and will adapt to the ongoing developments of the financial and economic environment.

Faculty of International Business and Economics


Faculty of International Business and Economics

The Faculty of International Business and Economics is a noteworthy business school at national and European level, a university area which supports and guarantees the quality of all activities. The Faculty offers the possibility to develop communication skills in two foreign languages as our students study two compulsory foreign languages and have access to 11 other elective language courses in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

Faculty of Law


Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law offers the highest educational standards in its field, starting from the undergraduate level and progressing all the way to doctoral studies.

In order to achieve its educational goals, the quality of the teaching process will be ensured by high-caliber academic staff comprised of professors with a significant practice background and well-established reputation within the juridical field.

Faculty of Management


Faculty of Management

The Faculty of Management, as part of the academic community of Bucharest University of Economic Studies, a leader of Romanian management science, constantly aspires to discover novelty in all of its forms by generating excellence in research, by maintaining a high quality learning environment, and by passion for knowledge and by the passion for knowledge and innovation of its members.

Faculty of Marketing


Faculty of Marketing

In the current context of a dynamic globalized society, where information is the main resource and which is characterized by the interaction of economic, social and cultural phenomena, the Faculty of Marketing assumes the task of providing high quality, competitive training and professionalism in marketing certified to the educational market in Romania – the degree Marketing is classified in the first category in the hierarchy of the Ministry of Education ( 2011), all three university courses – Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD.

Faculty of Theoretical and Applied Economics


Faculty of Theoretical and Applied Economics

The Faculty of Theoritical and Applied Economics is one of the most prestigious degree schools in Economics in Europe where students can acquire and develop economic complex integrated skills within the study disciplines that constitute the structure and strength in the formation of any economist –The Philosophy of Economics, Classic and contemporary economic doctrines, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Romania’s economy, European Economics, Public Economics, Labour Economics, Theories and models of competition.

These disciplines are essential to the correct interpretation of economic phenomena and adaptation of the best solutions to the challenges of the economy.

MBA Programs: Bucharest Business School


MBA Programs: Bucharest Business School

The Bucharest Business School was established in 2014, as a faculty within Bucharest University of Economic Studies, an umbrella brand for the two existing MBA programmes offered by our university, in partnership with prestigious international university partners Romanian Canadian MBA and Romanian-French MBA (former INDE), both taught through the medium of English.

PhD School


PhD School


Academic Year Structure

The academic year has two semesters. The first semester starts at the beginning of October and is completed by mid- February. The second semester runs from late February to late June.

The exact duration of each specific programme can be checked with the individual programme outline.

The two regular examination periods are at end of January – beginning of February and end of May – mid-June.

The re-examination session takes place in the second half of June – beginning of July.

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