The admission process of EU candidates takes the following steps:

There is only one registration, with one faculty, for as many options as available for the respective study area.

Upon online registration, the applicant will express options (and rank of the options) for study programs and type of financing (budgeted or fee places).

After the end of the registration period no changes are admitted to the registration data: options, their order and other information.

The admission results are published as follows:

  • applicants admitted on budgeted places
  • applicants admitted on fee places
  • waiting lists, the waiting list contains the names of the applicants who qualify for at least one of their options, but have an admission score inferior to the last admitted applicant. They may obtain an eligible place after the end of the confirmation period.

In case of insufficient applications, it is possible that certain programs will not open. The candidates are advised to indicate more than one option. In case some of the programs are cancelled, the applicants affected by the cancellation, may be allowed to add other option from the places still available in other programs.

  • the applicants admitted on a budgeted place will register the original baccalaureate diploma, the bachelor diploma and transcripts. This rule also applies for applicants admitted on a fee place or those on a waiting list if they registered options for budgeted places
  • the applicants who want to be distributed on a fee place will pay half of the annual tuition fee (online, on the admission platform). This includes the applicants admitted on a fee place, the applicants admitted on a budgeted place or who are on a waiting list and have options to follow a study program on a fee place
  • the applicants who register the original baccalaureate diploma, the bachelor diploma and transcripts and pay half of the annual tuition fee will be considered for both forms of financing (budgeted and fee places), according to their initial options

The applicants who do not present the original baccalaureate diploma, the bachelor diploma and transcripts nor pay half of the annual tuition fee will be rejected.

At the end of the confirmation period, the final admission ranking is published:

  • applicants admitted on a budgeted place
  • applicants admitted on fee places
  • rejected applicants

An applicant may be eventually admitted to a study program that was placed higher on his/her initial list of priorities.

The applicants who were initially placed on a waiting list and paid half of the annual tuition fee but are not admitted, will be reimbursed the whole amount paid upon request.

The applicants admitted on a budgeted place who have also paid half of the annual tuition fee will receive the whole amount back, upon written request.

The admitted applicants are enrolled to the 1st year of studies during the academic year 2022-2023 by a Rector’s decision. Upon registration, the admitted applicants shall register the original study documents.

The status of budgeted / fee paying student is updated after the 1st year of studies. The students will be ranked according to their academic performance (number of credits and average grade).

The organisation of the study groups does not take into consideration the status of the student (budgeted or fee place).

The scholarships, aids and other facilities are available with respect to the law. ASE provides admitted applicants with accommodation on campus based on their academic performance.

The admission process consists of:

  • online registration of the application file
  • a language exam, if applicable
  • an interview/written exam
  • admission of the applicants is based strictly on the admission average score – descending ranking of the applicants, correlated with the options expressed at the registration. The minimum average score required to pass the admission exam is 6,00.

The official online admission platform is and will be used for the entire admission process, from pre-registration, to the ranking of the applicants, the distribution by faculties (admitted applicants, waiting list and rejected applicants), type of financing (budgeted place or with tuition fee) and the final results of the admission process (admitted and rejected applicants lists).

The applicants will be able to check permanently on their status throughout the different steps of the admission process by checking on the platform

The registration period is 22-26 July 2022, until 12,00 without exception.

All the application documents shall be uploaded by the indicated deadline, the order of the options registered by types of financing and the applicant must have confirmed the end of the registration by hitting the button ”Trimite pentru înscriere” (=Submit for registratin)

The applicants who do not possess a Romanian CNP shall send an e-mail to the International Relations Department ( in order to obtain an ID number for the platform.

All graduates of international study programs shall send their studies documents (bachelor diploma or equivalent, diploma supplement/transcript of records, CNRED recognition certificate) to prior to the online registration.

The equivalent grades to the Romanian system will be transmitted to the applicants by e-mail and uploaded by themselves on the registration platform.

  • For the admission to a study program taught in Romanian, the foreign citizens have to provide a language certificate delivered by institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education. In case they didn’t study in Romanian or don’t have such a certificate, they will undertake an interview in Romanian.

  • For admission to a study program taught in other languages (English, French, German) the language test (online or with attendance) is compulsory for all the candidates who do not hold a recognised certificate/ did not graduate a bachelor’s programme taught in the respective language.

  • An applicant can choose programs in Romanian and only one of the other languages of instruction (either English, French or German), except for the Faculty of Business Administration in foreign languages, where they can choose  two languages (either English, French or German).
  • The interview performance is assessed with a „Pass” / „Fail” grade.
  • The written test (online or with attendance) consists of multiple-choice questions (duration: 2 hours), with one correct answer. The test will be written in the language of instruction of the program. Preparation for the test will be done using the provided list of topics and references.

  • The admission average grade point is determined as follows: 60% the Bachelor’s graduation average grade and 40% the grade of the written test. A minimum of 6,00 / 10 is required in order to be admitted.

  • If there, is more than one applicant with the same average score as the last one admitted on a budgeted or fee place, additional criteria will be used:

    • written test grade
    • the bachelor average score
    • graduation grade
    • the average of the years of undergraduate studies