After completing the confirmation stage of the places and displaying the final lists, the Erasmus+ ASE office will start your nomination at the partner universities. Subsequently, the partner universities will send you an email stating the next steps to successfully complete the registration. We recommend that you constantly follow the website of the university for which you have applied, in order to be up to date with all the deadlines regarding the registration process. If you notice that such a deadline is approaching and you have not received an email from the partner university, we recommend that you contact them to complete the administrative formalities related to registration.

All the documents required for enrollment may differ depending on the partner university.

The basic required documents, however, are the following:

In addition to the documents mentioned above, during mobility you must have a valid health insurance / European health card.

Insured individuals from Romania can apply for the European Health Insurance Card (CEASS) free of charge, which entitles them to the necessary medical assistance during their temporary stay on the territory of the EU Member States, the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation. In order to obtain this card, it is necessary to prove the student status by means of a certificate that you must collect from the secretariat of your faculty.

More details on obtaining a health card can be found here:

You can start the transportation and accommodation process for your destination as soon as you receive confirmation from the host university that your application has been successfully registered. This confirmation differs in format depending on each university, but is generally done in the form of a letter of acceptance or confirmation email.

Yes, it is recommended to keep all documents attesting to major mobility expenses (e.g. transport tickets, rental contracts, etc.).

The calendar of the academic year of the host university, as well as all other deadlines related to mobility will be displayed on the website of the partner university. We recommend that you check it constantly to be informed about all stages of the application process.

No, you have to stay in the host country for the whole period of the mobility.

The minimum duration of physical mobility is 3 months. You can invoke the pandemic force majeure clause to carry out the mobility for a period shorter than 3 months, but this can only be done if the reason is an external one (e.g .: lockdown, extreme restriction measures, etc.). Conducting online courses is not an eligible reason to return to Romania and to invoke the force majeure clause!

More details can be found here:

The period of study initially approved may be extended up to a maximum of 12 months, without exceeding the end date of the academic year in which the mobility takes place. The purpose of the extension will be a new period of study or a period of internship. Extensions of study periods must be justified and approved by both ASE Bucharest and the host university. Approval of the extension must be requested at least one month before the end of the initially approved mobility period and must continue. No interruptions in a mobility or extension in different academic years are allowed. The extension request will be accompanied by a Learning Agreement for the new study period or by a certificate / practice contract. Extensions of study periods are financed only to the extent that the funds are supplemented by ANPCDEFP or the redistribution of amounts within the program at the institutional level. When you apply for an extension, you must have the necessary financial means to self-finance yourself until the bureaucratic process is finished.

The documents that can be requested by the host university for enrollment and that are at the secretariat of the faculty where you are enrolled in ASE are:

  • School situation: Registration sheet
    • if you are leaving for semester 1 – it is requested from the Erasmus + Office;
    • if you leave on semester 2 – it is requested directly from the faculty.

No release fee is charged.

  • Language certificate: Erasmus + Office is required if you have taken the language test in ASE during the selection process.

For the continuation of the Pedagogical Module during the mobility period, the Erasmus + Office issues a certificate which is submitted to the DPPD Secretariat. This certifies that you are an Erasmus + student. When you return from mobility, you will take overdue exams, but you will not have to pay.

Yes. During your mobility, you will retain your right to a scholarship, provided that the criteria for their allocation are met. In order to distribute the scholarships related to the second semester, it is necessary to equate the professional results obtained by you during the first semester of mobility. In case of late obtaining of the school situation from the host university, if you obtain, after equivalence, an average at least equal to the last average for which the scholarship was awarded, you can make a request for retroactive award of the respective scholarship, without exceeding the date of September 30.

Yes. You will keep your financial obligations to ASE Bucharest throughout the mobility (payment of tuition fees within the deadlines set by the regulation). However, you will be exempted from paying tuition fees at the partner university.

In the case of one-semester mobility, the place allocated in the ASE dormitories will be reserved for you, without paying for the dormitory during the mobility. During the mobility, ASE Bucharest reserves the right to assign the place to other beneficiaries, depending on needs. The Erasmus + Office will provide the Social Directorate with the list of students selected for mobility in order to optimally allocate accommodation.

For the academic year following the mobility, the accommodation of the mobility beneficiaries is made according to the existing accommodation procedure within ASE Bucharest, taking into account the average of the first semester. If you get a late school situation from the host university, your distribution will perform in the redistribution session in September, based on equivalent averages, within the reserve of accommodation available at this stage.

In order to prepare the mobility and draw up the Learning Agreements, you will consult with the Erasmus + coordinator at faculty level (dean or vice-dean) regarding the disciplines you will study in mobility. The LAs will be approved by the Erasmus + coordinator at faculty level and then by the institutional coordinator (Erasmus + Office). They will then be sent to partner universities for approval as part of your mobility dossier.

The choice of the disciplines that will be studied during the mobility is made in accordance with the specialization followed at ASE Bucharest, following the choice of identical or compatible disciplines. The Learning Agreement will include the proposed study program during the mobility, totaling 30 ECTS credits / semester, respectively 60 ECTS / academic year. The subjects will be completed in an international language (the language of instruction at the partner university), as found in the educational offer of the partner university.

After completing the LA, it must be sent by e-mail to the coordinator of your faculty – PDF from ASE (dean or vice-dean) for approval of the courses you have chosen to study at the host university. After your faculty coordinator has approved and signed the LA, it will be sent for approval and signature to the institutional coordinator (Erasmus + Office). You will then submit it for approval to the host university as part of your mobility file.

The LA submission deadline differs from university to university. This will be communicated to you by the host university.

Yes. The LA can be modified within 15 days from the beginning of the academic year at the partner university, by filling in the form of Modifications of the study contract (During the Mobility), with the prior consultation of the coordinator of your faculty from ASE and its approval by both universities participating in the mobility (ASE Bucharest and the host university). The modifications of the study contract cancel the list of disciplines initially proposed. The list of subjects proposed in the Amendments to the study contract must coincide with the subjects for which you take exams / verification tests at the partner university, the results of which will be recorded in the school situation issued at the end of the mobility. The LA and its amendments end in three original copies: one for the beneficiary, one for the host university and one for ASE Bucharest.

Not. At the end of the study period abroad, the host institution must offer you and ASE Bucharest a certificate confirming the fulfillment of the study program and an extract from the transcript attesting the results obtained. ASE Bucharest will ensure the recognition of the studies performed by you at the host institution in accordance with the recommendations of the European Commission in the field and the provisions of the O.M.E.C.T.S. 3223 / 08.02.2012 on the methodology for recognizing periods of study conducted abroad. The entire period of study carried out at another university replaces, by recognition, a period with the same physical duration and the same volume of work (measured by ECTS credits) that you would carry out in the institution where you are enrolled. The basis for the equivalence of the period of study abroad is the European system of transferable ECTS credits. Upon return to the country, the faculty management will enter, based on the original supporting documents submitted by you, the notes in the matriculation register, according to the specific SIMUR procedure (see the Equivalence grid – PDF). The diploma supplement will include the professional results from the recognized period and mentions regarding the host institution and the duration of the studies. If the host university mentions on the issued school situation two types of grading (local grade and ECTS grade), the most advantageous system for you will be taken into account for equivalence, keeping the same assessment unit. In the case of the disciplines evaluated by “Admitted / Rejected” grades, the transferable study credits obtained and the respective grade will be included in the diploma supplement. In the case of disciplines in which you have not obtained the minimum promotion grade in the local system, but which are part of special study modules or formations, if the partner university validates the entire study module and grants transferable study credits related to that discipline, the equivalence will be realized with the grade 5. The titles of the disciplines studied at the partner university will be included in the diploma supplement in the form in which they were approved in LA. The document by which the recognition of studies carried out abroad is made is the Recognition / Equivalence Form – PDF of the results obtained in mobility, prepared at the level of the Erasmus + Office, based on the school situation issued by the partner institution and the study contract approved by the three parties of the mobility (yours, home university, host university). Recognition can only be withdrawn if you fail to complete the study program at the level required by the host institution or do not meet another condition required by the participating institutions for academic recognition.

If you go on an Erasmus + mobility during the period in which you should support the specialized practice, you will be automatically exempted from it, without the need to recover it later, but it is mandatory that the 15 ECTS of the practice must be equivalated with other 15 ECTS from the mobility.

The Online Linguistic Support (OLS) is a platform of the European Commission. Access to it is compulsory for students benefiting from Erasmus + mobility and requires language support to improve the language skills of the main European languages. After signing the financial contracts you will receive by email (unless you are a native speaker) a link to create and configure the account on the OLS platform and you will go through an initial level assessment (before mobility / at the beginning of mobility) for the language of instruction at host university. During your mobility you will have access to online resources for improving your language skills using the license provided. At the end of the mobility you will have to go through a new mandatory level assessment, without which the mobility is not considered valid. The evaluations are not admitted / rejected or grades, their results do not influence in any way the development of mobility or the recognition of studies.

The signing of the financial contract will take place exclusively online due to the conditions imposed by the pandemic and will be done after receiving the confirmation of admission to the partner university and after the approval of the LA.

The contractual obligations you must assume are:

  • observance of the study period established in the contract;
  • obtaining the number of credits mentioned in the Learning Agreement;
  • performing the online language test on leaving and returning from mobility if you take courses at your partner university in: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German or Dutch.

The amounts related to the grant will be transferred to you after receiving the funds from ANPCDEFP, as follows: 80% of the total grant at the beginning of the mobility and 20% of the total grant within 30 days from the completion of the mobility and completion of formalities.

The formalities are of two types:

  1. Submission of supporting documents to the Erasmus + Office:
    • The LA signed by all three parties;
    • certificate of attendance;
    • the school statement issued by the host university (can be sent later).
  1. Completing online documents:
    • OLS certificate;
    • satisfaction questionnaire.

No. The grant is a contribution to the cost of transport and living expenses during mobility. The main financial advantage of an Erasmus + study mobility is that, through this program, you are exempted from paying the tuition fee at the host university.

Yes. You can benefit from an additional grant of 200 euros / month granted according to social criteria according to the methodology of social scholarships in ASE – PDF.

The file will be submitted to the Erasmus + Office during the period communicated by email.

The total grant is recalculated according to the final duration of the mobility. If you spent less on mobility, less money will be transferred than the remaining 20% to be reimbursed after mobility. If the total grant is less than the amount initially paid, a debit note will be issued to reimburse to ASE the amount of money for the period you have not spent on mobility.

If you do not stay in the mobility for a minimum period of 3 months (except for the situations that fall under the force majeure clause) you must return the full grant and the mobility is canceled.

If you did not find your answer / document template in our guide, then find us during office hours at:

◉ e-mail:;

◉ phone number: call +021 319 1900 and then press 444 for our interior number;

◉ address: Piața Romană no. 6, Angelescu Building, 1st Floor, Room 0133 – Hours: Monday to Thursday 09:00 – 16:00 / Friday 09 – 13:00.