If your school/University can provide you with a provisional degree certificate, you can apply with it. Note that the provisional certificate must be no older than one year. However, as soon as your diploma is issued, you need to submit it in original/translated and certified copy to the university.

Yes, if the study programme you are interested in is offered in English or French.

Yes, for candidates who want to attend a study program offered only in Romanian, Bucharest University of Economic Studies offers a preparatory year of Romanian language (one-year tuition) in order to develop the necessary linguistic competencies that enable you to join a BA/MA/PhD program in the following year.

No, you should mention only one programme. The letter of acceptance is issued only for one application.

No, Bucharest University of Economic Studies does not offer scholarships. For scholarship opportunities please access the websites of the Ministry of Education and/or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Romania.

According to the methodology for accommodation, Bucharest University of Economic Studies accommodates with priority international students who are scholarship holders (based on intergovernmental agreements).

  • The application file is registered at the university;
  • If complete, the application file is processed by the university and sent for evaluation to the Ministry of Education;
  • The Ministry of Education will issue the Letter of Acceptance, which will be sent in original to the university (in terms of at least 30 working days);
  • The university will inform the candidate about the acceptance and will send the document to him/her;
  • If admitted to study in Romania, after receiving the Letter of Acceptance, the candidate must contact the closest Romanian Embassy and search for information concerning the study visa application.
  • For enrolment at the faculty, the student must submit the original study documents translated into Romanian and officially endorsed.

After receiving the Letter of Acceptance, the candidate has to confirm that he/she accepts to enroll at our University by sending an email with the receipt attesting payment of the tuition fee for the first academic year.

As soon as you receive the letter of acceptance, you need to present the original diploma.

If you pay the tuition fee for the first year of your studies and then fail to get the study visa, the tuition fee will be reimbursed to you.

No, to be officially accepted you need to make the enrollment, in person, at Bucharest University of Economic Studies, presenting all the documents required in original and translated into Romanian and officially endorsed.