General information

Erasmus+ supports placements, traineeships, internships, volunteering abroad for students who are currently enrolled at one of the Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral programmes.

By doing a placement abroad with Erasmus+ students can improve not only their communication and language competences, but also develop soft skills highly valued by future employers, as well as gaining knowledge to become and act more entrepreneurial.

Host organizations: any institution (public, private, NGO) located in a country participating in the program, with the exception of the European institutions. Bucharest University of Economic Studies does not have partnerships with organizations, finding the host organization is part of the students’ duties.

Eligibility: the participant in mobility must be enrolled as a student of ASE in the year of mobility, in the form of full-time education undergraduate, graduate or doctoral studies. Students who have not passed all subjects are eligible to apply.

This kind of mobilities are open for recent graduates too. At the time of selection applicants must be enrolled in the final year of undergraduate or master’s degree studies full-time education at ASE.

No language assessment or interview will be organized by the Erasmus+ Office.

The selection for mobilities is done based on the principle First come, first served in the limit of the available budget.

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ASE International Traineeships


After finding a traineeship, all the required documents to receive an Erasmus+ Financial Grant to support your placement can be:

  • sent via e-mail at


  • brought physically at the Erasmus+ Office (Piața Romană no. 6, Angelescu Building, 1st Floor, Room 0132 – Hours: Monday to Thursday 09:00 – 16:00 / Friday 09 – 13:00).

For more details, see the below content.

Application Requirements

Deadline: 6 weeks before the mobility starts and before graduation for recent graduate mobilities.

Application file: An application will be considered accepted if it has at least all the compulsory documents:

  • Application form
  • Letter of invitation from the organization: must contain details about the host organization, the placement, exact period and mainly duties of the student;
  • CV (with picture) in a foreign language;
  • Motivation letter in a foreign language;
  • Learning agreement for Traineeships signed by the representative of the organization from abroad and the Erasmus+ coordinator of the faculty;
  • Copy after ID card (For foreign students copy after passport, and Romanian residence permit)
  • Details about bank account and bank statement;
  • Valid medical insurance / European Health Card.

Organizing the mobility

Financial support: participants will receive a monthly grant. The amount depends on the living costs of the host country. For countries with high and medium standard the grant is 720 Euro/month and for countries with lower living standards 670 Euro/month.

If the internship is paid, the Erasmus+ grant will still be awarded, except for the cases when the monthly internship salary surpasses the monthly sum of your grant.


Language Support: During the mobility the student will have access to Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS) to learn the language used at the workplace. The students have the obligation to do the online language assessment before and after the mobility.


Recognition of mobility: At the end of the mobility students have the obligation to:

 – Present in original to Erasmus+ Office the After the mobility traineeship certificate

– Fill in the online satisfaction questionnaire.

 – Answer to the final OLS test.


Most mobilities for placement can be carried out during the summer holiday after students finish the exam session and until next academic year starts. This mobilities are voluntary and no ECTS points will be granted at the end.

1st year Bachelor’s students, 1st year Master’s students can do a summer Erasmus+ mobility that can be considered the equivalent to the specialized practice in the curriculum, only if it is carried out in previously to the compulsory practice. The mobility must be carried out in the field of the studies and must have the approval of the faculty coordinator. This type of mobility is eligible for Law faculty students who have an optional internship in their curriculum if the host organization is a court, notary office, professional law firm or other organization of the legal professions.

2nd year master’s students in the semester in which the specialized practice is part of the curriculum.

In the first 12 months after bachelor’s degree’s graduation (the applicant must not enrol in a master’s degree) or master’s degree’s graduation (the applicant must not enrol in a PhD. programme), only if the full application is submitted before graduation.

PhD. Students can carry out a mobility in an organization that will benefit their research and thesis writing. The host organization can be a higher education institution or any other eligible organization.

Mobility period

Duration: minimum 2 months, maximum 12 months / study cycle

Mobilities are done with relocation in the host country for at least 2 full months.

For Erasmus+ student exchanges, internships, free-movers or staff trainings, contact us during office hours at:

◉ e-mail:;

◉ phone number: +40 21 319 1910;

◉ address: Piața Romană no. 6, Angelescu Building, 1st Floor, Room 0132 – Hours: Monday to Thursday 09:00 – 16:00 / Friday 09 – 13:00.