What are the benefits of the Erasmus+ Programme?

  • International student life – Learn what it means to be a student in another European country. You will find that there are similar things to your ASE experience, but also many differences that will surprise you. The experience will give you a new perspective on your studies and will offer you the opportunity to experience other styles of teaching and learning.
  • More independence – The experience of studying and living in another country will be a challenge: you have to deal with new and unfamiliar situations, to manage your time and budget, to learn to adapt to a new culture. Moreover, you have more freedom in choosing the courses you want to study.
  • Powerful knowledge – Student life in a foreign country will give you an entirely different perspective than the one you acquire as a tourist. You will discover and understand what daily life means in the host country and you will learn to communicate with people from different cultures.
  • Personal and professional achievements – Such experiences are not always easy, but once you overcome the initial difficulties, you will discover that in addition to studies, you can travel, have fun, meet many interesting people and to grow as a person. Besides, it will make a great addition to your future professional profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the mobility take place?

All applications for Erasmus+ studies are done one academic year prior to the mobility. The departure will take place in the next academic year, as planned with your coordinators.

  • Can students in terminal years of studies also apply for Erasmus+?

You can partake in the mobility for the 1st year of your next level of study, as long as you will be accepted at one of our university’s programmes.

  • Are there fields of privileged study?

No – The Erasmus program covers all fields of study. Even if your college has not a cooperation agreement with certain university, you can apply for the seats in the competition if the destination university is compatible with your studies programs in the country.

  • How long does the mobility last?

The minimum duration is 2 months for internships or 3 months to study mobility. You can benefit from 12 months of mobility in a university course or within one academic year or cumulate several periods of mobility.

  • I will have arrears / other examinations to take on return?

No – If you pass all mobility exams, according to the study contract which you conclude at the beginning of mobility, you will be fully recognized as part of the ASE studies. However, if cumulated mobility credit points are not enough (30 ECTS – semester 60 ECTS / year) you can choose with your coordinator which exams to take in the review session from the courses that were taught at ASE.

  • Can I join the final graduation exam at the host university?

No – Unless there are double degree agreement between universities, the graduation exams take place exclusively at the home university (ASE). Studies abroad are recognized as part of the qualification obtained in Romania, but not completed at the host university diploma.

  • Can I choose any university of destination?

Yes – Exclusively from the list of partner universities of ASE. Erasmus mobility is based on bilateral cooperation agreements between institutions holding Chart Erasmus European Union and associated countries.

  • How can I prepare for mobility as regards language skills?

In the Erasmus+ Programme online there is a module for language support during the mobility for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. We recommend attendance optional language, culture and civilization available in ASE.

  • I do not fit the criteria for Erasmus+ studies selection, are there any other options for me?

You can always apply for an internship and benefit from an Erasmus+ grant. For more details check the Erasmus+ Internships page in our menu.

Useful Documents and Links

For document templates and questions about outgoing study mobilities, please first consult our Erasmus+ Student Guide (press here for the English / Romanian version).


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